This Nonprofit Organization Can Help Fill the Gaps

Military life often comes with financial surprises, especially if your service member is ill or injured. It's not just the big stuff like the initial medical problem, but those nagging, little day-to-day things that the military may not help cover but would make life so, so, so much easier. ... like giving an iPad to a service member with memory problems caused by PTSD or TBI ... or getting a little financial help when the world starts caving in ... or finding a camp where you can send your struggling military kid.

Those are just some of the things that America's Fund, a sister organization to the Semper Fi Fund, looks to do, said Wendy Lethin, a Marine Corps spouse and vice president of the organizations.

When the Semper Fi Fund, which with works wounded and ill Marines, started it was to largely assist seriously injured and ill Marines and their families from the hospital forward. Now the founders have added America's Fund to help members of the other services while giving a fresh focus across both organizations on assisting with transitions and caregiver concerns.

"Our caregivers are 24/7 and they're tired, they've been doing this for sometimes as long as 10 years," Lethin said. "And we're recognizing if they're going to keep going they are going to need some support and resources."

The organization sends caregivers to retreats as well as organizing local support groups -- all aimed at making sure they have the care they need, she said. And because the Fund is run by military spouses, they have an insider perspective on caregiver issues.

Lethin said the organizations exist to fill the gaps for the families of injured and ill service members. All a family needs to do is call with their problem and they will be able to work with someone to walk them through help.

Since May 2004, the Semper Fi Fund has helped 14,500 service members and given out $117 million in assistance. And since it started in March 2012, America's Fund has helped 800 service members with $8.9 in assistance. Between the two they've given out about 70 grants per day with over 78 percent of that help going to families of E-5 and below.

To see if America's Fund or the Semper Fi Fund can help your family with a need, go here to find their phone number and give them a call.

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