The 5 Stages of Commissary Shopping on Payday


Oh, the commissary. We love you. We hate you. And mostly we're just afraid of you on or around the 1st and 15th of the month.

Accidentally find yourself at the commissary on payday or, perhaps worse, payday weekend? Be prepared for these five stages of emotions. I recommend adding something to your coffee to get you through.

1. Courage.

So you forgot it was payday until you got to the parking lot. But it's too late now. 


You're ready.

2. Fear.

You walk in and see exactly how crazy it is. 


What were you thinking? But no, you really need milk and cereal. You move forward.

3. Despair.

How are they out of cheerios? Still? HOW?


(Here's how)

4. Joy.

Cheerios didn't happen, but who is the boss of scoring organic chicken for $1.84 per pound? 



5. Victory.

The crowds. The five elderly retirees who stopped their carts in the middle of aisle to examine ketchup. The crying kids (that may or may not have been your own). So many emotions. But despite it all, you once again conquered. 


Rest now, conqueror. (And maybe stop at the Class Six for some wine).

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