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Don't have the cash or time to hop on a plane and fly to D.C. to listen to top military leaders talk about military family issues? No problem. You can catch them (and me!) on livestream instead.

October 12 to 14 is the annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference in D.C. Something very cool for military families (and Army families in particular) happens at that conference every year. For three days top Army and military support officials take time to talk through military family issues, talk through great ideas and hear military family concerns.

The Army Chief of Staff, Sgt. Maj. of the Army, Secretary of the Army, head of the Defense Department's military family policy office and so many more all stop in to share what's on their minds. They say off-the-cuff things. That gives us a picture into what is really going on.

But this year organizers are also trying something new. Instead of just hearing from the military leaders, we are also going to get to hear from their spouses. This is a family forum after all, right? I'll be leading that one, so if for nothing else, tune in to find out whether or not I trip on stage. (Always possible.)

The other panels are just as exciting. Over October 13 and 14 you'll get to hear from officials and experts on a variety of family topics including health, mental and emotional wellness and -- the one I'm personally looking forward to the most -- military transition. During that panel our own former editor Jacey Eckhart will speak (and make you laugh, because she's like that) and help us navigate that sticky time known as "getting out." Even if you're not getting out soon, you are not going to stay in the military forever. Log this stuff in your brain.

Go here to check out the exact schedule for the event, and here to find the live-stream the day of the event.

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