Poll: Are Ballgown Rules Stupid?


Every year the discussion is the same: can you wear ____________ [insert dress style, length, color, sleeve style, etc.] to your local military ball?

You'll never get just one consistent answer for questions like that. Because while there are handbooks, guides, traditions, best practices and just plain old common sense, we all know that not everyone is going to follow them.

(Don't have any idea what any of those traditions are? We've got help here.)

And if you skip that cocktail length dress that looked killer on you because you're "supposed to" wear a floor length one? You'll inevitably end up at the ball surrounded by 50 people in cocktail length dresses wondering why you're the only one who followed the "rules."


I'll be the first to admit that I really enjoy ball-watching. It's the kind of pleasure you get from reading the best and worst dressed magazine features after the Oscars. When I spend hours shopping and debating dress, hair and make-up for myself, I want to see what other people are wearing. It's just fun.

But when it comes to actual rules, why are we all worrying about what other people wear to the ball, anyway? As long as you aren't showing up naked, should anyone care?

We want to hear from you. Should there be rules as to what you can and can't wear?


And the results are ....


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