7 Things You Think During Military Transition


Getting out of the military brings a lot of crazy emotions. On the one hand -- YAY. On the other hand -- OMG. That's because we all know that while we sometimes love to hate the military, we also love to love it.

Are you in the military transition process now? If so, you know these are true.

7 Things You Think During Military Transition


1. Thank GOD. No more training! No more deployments!

Everybody party!


2. But wait, I actually kind of like the field time. I mean, when else am I supposed to binge watch Gilmore Girls?

I really do.


3. And the paycheck. I like the paycheck. What if we have to cut our bread into tiny, thin slices so we don't starve?

Poor Donald Duck. Poor us.


4. No, dummy, he's got marketable skills (and so do I). He'll totally get a job. And wear normal clothes! No more stinky-stanky uniforms.

Like. a. boss.


5. OK I actually love the uniforms. He had that whole Tom Cruise thing going on.



6. You know who DOES look amazing in normal clothes? ME! If we live in one place for more than 25 seconds I can totally find a normal job and wear normal not-gym-clothes to work every single day.


7. You know what? Getting out of the military isn't going to be so bad.


We know there are way more than seven of these -- and that they are only a drop in the bucket of the perpetual freak-out session in the minds of transitioning spouses everywhere.

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