5 Ways to Tell You Have a MilSpouse Friend for Life


It doesn't really matter where you met her. Maybe it was online, or maybe it was in passing at a unit meeting, at your church or through a mutual friend. However it happened, you just knew that this person was now your person -- a MilSpouse friend for life. Having her is like having an extra soulmate. You just get each other.

How can you tell it's happened to you?

Sometimes a MilSpouse friend is for life. Here's how you tell if you have one. http://wp.me/p1d7d0-8HC


5 Ways to Tell You Have a MilSpouse Friend for Life

1. She smells panic and shows-up at your door ... with coffee and wine. Murphy has attacked the air conditioner while your spouse is away. Someone fed five hot dogs and a plate of mac and cheese to the dog with a sensitive stomach. You are on your very. last. shred. of sanity. And boom! Your friend's spidey senses are on fire and there she is with wine in one hand and coffee in the other. Is the coffee spiked? Maybe. You know she's a keeper.

2. Your kids think of her as an extra mom ... and you like it. If your mother-in-law starts telling your child what to do you feel a little threatened. But your MilSpouse friend for life? She's your back-up parent. And your kids know it.

3. She's still your emergency contact. OK, what they really want is two local contacts. But you aren't giving up her spot on that list even if she did move away six months ago. Because in a real emergency? You know she'll get on a plane and be there no matter what.

4. She's a better game night teammate than your spouse. You just speak the same language. It's like you're in mind meld.

5. You haven't seen each other in two duty stations ... and yet it's like you were never separated. So what if you both moved? You're back together now. And since the movers didn't lose her Gilmore Girls DVD collection yet, you can start right where you left off in season four.

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