Getting Out? Use This to Help You Know Where to Go


One of the things that is really exciting about the idea of getting out of the military is the blank slate it gives you.

Chances are pretty good you don't plan to stay indefinitely near whatever duty station you currently call home. Some people may want to move near family, but many others don't. There's a pretty good chance that all you know is that you're getting out, landing a job (hopefully) and joining the Guard or Reserve somewhere in the U.S.

But how do you decide where to go? Sure, you go where the jobs are ... but where do you start looking?

If you're facing this blank slate conundrum, a resource from the National Governors Association may be a good one to put on your list to help you make your choice.

Getting out of the military? A list from the National Governors Association could help you pick where to move.

This list, compiled in February, lists every single U.S. state, territory and D.C.'s National Guard and Reserve information including pay, benefits, family support, education and pretty much every single thing you could possibly need to know about the Guard and Reserve in any given state.

Really, the list is kind of magical, especially if you are a more-information-than-you-actually-need geek like I am.

For most of you, however, the list could help give a general sense of what kind of support you would be looking at were you to move to a new place and then join the Guard or Reserve there.

And if you're already National Guard or Reserve? You could use it to give you a quick rundown of what programs to which you currently have access. You may even find out about some you didn't previously know were available.

Check out the document over here. 

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