Donut Day Delight: Krispy Kreme Going OCONUS


It's a fitting announcement on National Donut Day -- Krispy Kreme is headed OCONUS to Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) locations and commissaries in Europe.

AAFES officials said the donuts will be manufactured in their production plant in Germany and shipped throughout Europe including Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

They expect donuts to hit the store shelves by late summer, AAFES said in a release.

Krispy Kreme is headed OCONUS! We have the details.

"A team of master bakers at the Exchange’s Gruenstadt production plant will use Krispy Kreme’s proprietary doughnut-making equipment and ingredients to produce a wide variety of Krispy Kreme’s signature iced, filled and other doughnut offerings," the release says.

That plant already produces a variety of other American-branded products, they said, including cookies, tortilla chips and fresh bread.

As it happens, National Donut Day has its roots in the American military. During World War I workers with The Salvation Army would hand out donuts to service members during their stops at canteens. In 1938 The Salvation Army made the donut day an annual tradition.


Photo courtesy of the National Cancer Institute and Donkeyrock under the public domain.

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