Pin-Ups Girls' Sexy Vet Support: The Spouse View


Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure there are better, more effective ways to support veterans than by parading yourself around in front of someone else's husband while wearing sexy retro outfits and burlesque costumes, shooting provocative pin-up calendars and holding a burlesque show fundraiser.

Or maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm "just" another jealous military spouse who would prefer her husband's eyes be on her, not on some busty veteran supporting pin-up girl, regardless of her good intentions or "good cause."

"On the surface, we’re shooting a fun, artistic calendar,” Gina Elise, the founder of Pin-Ups for Vets and brains behind their yearly calendar told We Are The Mighty for this article. “Under that, we’re supporting a cause that should be important to all Americans: supporting our veterans.”

The organization, the story says, has donated more than $50,000 of rehabilitation equipment to VA and military hospitals through their proceeds. Now they are on a nationwide military and VA hospital "morale boosting" tour where they visit vets at their bed sides.


Donating money? Good.

Visiting vets in hospitals? Very good.

Using sex as support, especially when there are other options? In my opinion, very not good.

I get that some of this is supposed to be a throw-back to World War II era pin-up paintings on bombers and risque support "for our boys." I probably wouldn't have liked it then, either.

A pin-up painting on a restored B-25 Mitchell bomber (Photo: U.S. Government) A pin-up painting on a restored B-25 Mitchell bomber (Photo: U.S. Government)

So maybe I'm a prude. Maybe using sex to boost morale (because really, that's what is going on here in a way) is A-OK and I need to get my act together.

What do you think?


Photo courtesy U.S. government.

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