Kids in Military Gear: Cute or Insulting?


Do you put your milkid in pint-sized military gear? Super cute or not so much?

I admit: I never thought about it until I started having kids of my own. And really, I didn't even think about it then until someone asked me: Do you guys want lots of little USMC-gear for your son? And that was lonnng after I started giving out branch-themed milkid outfits by the dozens at baby showers. Ridiculously adorable homemade rufflebutts out of up-cycled cammies. Tiny versions of the uniform. Camo bibs. Branch-customized hair bows. You name it, I've given it. I've been that person. (Forgive me, y'all.)

Infant ACU hat by Kasey Creations available from Etsy Infant ACU hat by Kasey Creations available on Etsy

So when two years ago I was pregnant with my first and everyone started hankering to get the family milkid a dress blues bib but wanted my okay first, I wasn't exactly sure what to say. At the time, hubs was in the far-reaches of Afghanistan and he made perfectly clear on the phone that he wanted nothing to do with baby camouflage. No Marine Corps baby blanket. No dogtags or dress blue baby pictures. Nothing.

But guys...

Military kid baby camo uniform Baby boy dress blues by conniemariepfost available on Etsy

"Why?" I pleaded, pointing out how not only super cute that stuff is but how our kids would probably treasure it for years to come. "Grandkids, even!," I protested.

"Because I'm not having our kids grow up thinking that this was a life we chose for them," he said. Pretty adamantly. "If they want to do this, it will be because it was their decision. Not because they think it's what we want."

Well then.

Unfortunately, our gift-giving friends and relatives didn't get the message.

Fortunately, it's the cutest thing I've seen.

military kid baby uniform camoflauge Here's my kidlet sporting his favorite USMC shirt with dad. The shirt reads: This is my Marine Corps shirt. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

So I'm curious. Do you deck your kid out in baby camo? Is your spouse on board with it? Or, like with mine, is there some hesitation? I want to know. Until then, be warned. If you invite me to your shower, I'm probably giving you this:

Baby camouflage military Military diaper cover by Little Southern Darlin available on Etsy

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