MilSpouse of the Year Branch Vote Feb. 4


If you've been paying attention to the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of Year Awards, you might have voted Jan. 21 for your favorite military base representative to make it to the next round in the awards process. And on Feb. 4 you'll get to vote for the branch winners.

If you don't know these awards are all about, you might have missed our last posts about this whole thing. Every year Armed Forces Insurance and Military Spouse Magazine sponsors the Military Spouse of the Year awards. The winner is chosen through a hybrid of popularity votes and the discretion of a pair of panels. Nominations were opened, base level winners were picked via popularity vote and then the top 18 were chosen by the panels. Those Top 18 were announced Jan. 30.

UPDATE: The branch voting is closed. Check back soon for an update on the winners.

Next you'll be able to help pick from among the top 18 the winners for each of their branches. And from there you'll help pick the spouse of the year. That winner will be announced at a luncheon just before Mothers Day in May.

So who are these Top 18? 

We were surprised to see this year that the top 18 are people we don't know. When you've been around the military spouse community as long as we have, you have a chance to meet some really phenomenal military spouses who are doing amazing things in their corners of the world. I count among my friends and acquaintances some military spouses who are really rocking the socks off their communities.

But these top 18? I don't know any of them. And that is an incredibly good thing. Because what better time than this very public awards process to single out and elevate some new faces -- some people who are quietly doing their best in their communities? This just means that we are going to get to expand our circle of awesome to entirely new corners of our little universe.

Want to get to know them? Head over here to the Military Spouse Magazine website and check them out.  Branch voting opens Feb. 4, so make sure you read a little about these amazing ladies so you can pick your winner when the time comes!


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