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We want to see your military love photos. Follow us @MilSpouseBuzz on Instagram and tag your photos with #MilCrush in honor of Valentines Day!

We are suckers for military love photos here at SpouseBuzz. We love the sweep-you-off-your-feet redeployment kisses, the parents embracing babies, the proud love on parade at military ceremonies and the running -- oh yes, the running! -- through the crowd at homecoming to leap into waiting arms. Heck, the shirts we give away at our Spouse Experience events even say "Kiss like you deploy tomorrow." What can we say? We just love kissing.

And that's why we think Valentines Day is the best  -- because it's just another excuse to celebrate military love in all its what's-that-lingering-uniform-stench,my-goodness-that-smile-melts-me, I-remember-why-I-love-you glory.

We want to celebrate our favorite non-military, military holiday this year with you on Instagram. Show us what military love means to you. Engagements? Homecoming? Kids? Or just everyday life? We want to see it!



We want to see your Valentine's Day #MilCrush! Share your military love photos of your #MilCrush with us on Instagram http://instagram.com/milspousebuzz


Follow us on Instagram @MilSpouseBuzz and tag your love photos with #MilCrush. We will be resharing our favorites on both Instagram and to our Facebook page


Now! Show us that #MilCrush in 3 ... 2... 1..  !

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