Poll: Would You Support a Longer Military Career?


Do you ever get the feeling that your Coastie, Marine, sailor, soldier or airman might never leave the military?

They may have promised you that they will be ready to get out after the next tour. Or that they will be gone after the ten-year mark. Or definitely, for sure, they will be done with the military at 20.


Do you get the feeling that they would stay in for 30 years if they could?

What about 40 years? Or 50? What if your service member was allowed to stay in the military for their entire adult life making themselves useful and looking sporty in their uniform and would never, never, never be forced to put together a resume or go on an interview or (shiver with revulsion) NETWORK--would they want to stay in?

At a symposium for the Center for a New American Security recently, I heard an economist speak about how the up and out policy is archaic in the military. He suggested that we get rid of it and keep more of our experienced personnel in the system.

It was an interesting idea, but it made me wonder: would military spouses support a career move like that?




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