Military Benefits Panel Still Accepting Comment


The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (MCRMC), will be presenting their findings to Congress in February -- but for now they are still open to your comments.

The commission, tasked by Congress with examining military pay and benefits and coming up with ways to change them, has been traveling the country holding town hall meetings and collecting service member and spouse comments through their website.

Don't know what the MCRMC is? Read about it and why it matters over here.

We've been newly reminded just how important this commission is now that the new 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the law which funds the Defense Department and makes any changes to pay and benefits, is out. Instead of making the big changes compensation the DoD asked for last year like slashing the commissary's budget and overhauling Tricare, lawmakers put them off.

What are they waiting for? The MCRMC to tell them what to do.

And who gets to help the MCRMC figure out what to say? You.

Since we are getting so close to February when the full report is due, logic says that they will be closing comment soon.

But, according to MCRMC officials, that hasn't happened yet and they don't have a firm date for when it will.

"The Commission will continue accepting comments until the Commission's sunset date, which has not been determined," said Shawn Woodbridge, a MCRMC spokesman. "Although the comments may not be included in the final report, we can consolidate any new ideas and recommendations for future consideration."

Want to make a comment? Squeeze it in before the close up shop by going over here.


Photo courtesy U.S. Army.

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