What Gift Won’t Fit In a Box?


I’m at that age where the gift I want most for Christmas doesn't fit in a box. This drives my niece, Maddie, absolutely crazy. I think it makes perfect sense.

I think you ought to be able to wrap up a yearly gift of ten lost pounds. It would be the same ten pounds every year, but how nice to rip open that gift and suddenly have your pants fall off?

I’d like to wake up on Christmas morning and find that in the coming year I would get to spend one day with each of my kids in which they were suddenly babies again. Just for one day of neck nuzzling that wouldn't be too weird.

Have a very-3I would like to slip a bow off a package and feel drenched in that overwhelming, first moment of falling in love with my husband. If I can’t get that I’d love to have that moment of Homecoming, when you have waited for months to see a glimpse of that one person and suddenly, finally, miraculously they are present with you.

How many military families are wishing for that very thing this holiday season? How many of our girlfriends and fiancées and partners and spouses and parents would love to find a big box under the tree and open it to find their deployed service member?

This week a local news channel covered one family who got exactly what they wanted for Christmas. This one is so good. If you need a little inspiration, check it out here: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/27590501/md-soldier-reunites-with-daughter-and-husband-in-holiday-surprise

Spontaneous Homecomings aren't the only thing military families might be hoping for this year.  Do you want something that won’t fit in a box? If you could get anything, what would it be?

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