Veterans, We Are Your Biggest Fans!


The rest of the country may set aside November 11 as the one day a year to thank our Veterans.  But we military families feel thankful for all those who served every day of the year.

For we are your witnesses from beginning to end.  We know all the reasons you joined the service.  We've heard all the reasons you are definitely getting out (right before you reenlist.)

We are the ones who watched you square your shoulders and stride away into your first deployment, your second deployment, your tenth deployment. We know what it meant to you to be gone for all those birthdays and holidays and missed "firsts."  We are the ones waiting for you anxiously, hopefully, joyously as you come home and sweep us all into your arms.



We are the ones who move with you, who see how much you put into the job, who appreciate your work and your sacrifice and your honor more than the nation could ever dream of.

We will be the ones working beside you as you make your way in the civilian world someday and we will be the ones standing by you at your retirement ceremony with tears of pride welling in our eyes.

It's our privilege to know you and build a life with you.  And on Veterans Day we are members of a grateful nation who truly thank you for all you've done for us.



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