Happy Birthday, Corps: Thank God for Hot Marines


First and foremost, I want to make one thing clear: In my house abides the world's hottest service member. I don't even want to hear you say that yours is hotter because he simply is not. I would post a picture of him to prove my point, but you wouldn't even be able to handle it.

So let's move on to the real subject at hand. Marines.

Today is the Marine Corps' 239th birthday. And, as we have done in the past on SpouseBuzz, we like to take a few minutes around the services' birthday to talk about how great it is. We celebrate the fierceness. We laud the tradition. We salute the glory.

And, for the Marine Corps, we recognize the hottness.

Because, frankly, Marines are hot. It's not a feeling. It's just a fact. There's really no other way to say it. And while my own husband is the hottest service member on earth, as a rule the Marines take the cake for the hottest overall service.

Sure, whatever, "world's greatest fighting force" blah blah blah. HOTNESS. That's what is important.

I've given this considerable thought* and have determined that the primary reason Marines are hot has very little to do with actual Marine and everything to do with Marine uniforms. Ev-ery-thing.


Need I say more?

The Marines haven't always been the hottest. There was a minute or two there in history where their hotness sunk to all time low levels. But then, studies* show, the overall hotness spiked again. Why? Two words: rolled sleeves.



If you recall, there was a period there over which the Corps powers-that-be did away with sleeve rolling. Women mourned. And then sleeve-rolling was reinstated. Women rejoiced. I'm pretty sure this decision was made based exclusively on the feedback of women.

The real problem here is that out of sheer loyalty I really want to think soldiers are the hottest. You know, Hooah, go Army, and all that jazz.

But I deal in hard truth and facts, and I cannot tell a lie: Corps you are gorgeous.

Happy Birthday.


*That's a lie. I only started thinking about this an hour ago. **OK, it's not a real study. I made that up.


Photos courtesy U.S. Marine Corps.

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