Poll: Spouses Don't Use Programs?


I am always amazed at the number providers of military family programs featured in the Family Forums at the annual convention of the Association of the United States Army  (AUSA) in Washington, D.C.

From Army Community Services to Hiring our Heroes to Military OneSource to Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness to the Military Child Education Coalition to Vets4Warriors, there are hard working people out there trying to provide us with tools to help us manage military life.

Still, the word on the AUSA floor was that cuts to family programs are quietly emerging. I heard about jobs on base that used to be done by six people that are now done by one. I heard about chaplains who had been told to “prioritize” the needs of active duty members over family members. I heard worries about declining donations to military nonprofits.

But the thing I heard that upset me most was that the reason programs are being cut because spouses are not using the programs.

At SpouseBuzz we are curious to know whether or not that is true. Are you using the programs? And if not, why aren’t you using them? Is it because you don’t need the program or is it that the program does not suit your needs?

Take our poll, and then do us a favor and let us know some of your thoughts about how programs for military families might be improved in your area.

Do you use programs for military families? Why or why not?




Photo courtesy U.S. Navy.

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