The Spouse Experience: Ft. Bragg Here We Come!

We asked our readers where we should bring our next Military.com Spouse Experience live event. And you told us—Bring it here! Bring it to where I live!

Evidently EVERYONE needs a few great activities, new ideas and expert insight to shine up their military life (and winning an iPad or a gift card couldn’t hurt either, right?)


You offered locations

You told us to bring Spouse X to some surprising places that were not on the original list like Okinawa, Fort Irwin, and Omaha.  You told us to bring Spouse X to places we forgot had a military population like New Jersey, Illinois and Missouri.

We will add those locations to our list of possibles. But for now, our winners are….this is so exciting…wait for it..... Norfolk, VA and Fayetteville, NC (San Antonio, TX look for a message at the end of this post).

1. The Spouse Experience Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville, NC

We have an awesome show planned for our Ft. Bragg readers. Not only do we have our SpouseBuzz Speed Dating and Top Ten Groups and prizes, we are also bringing Fayetteville’s own Krystel Spell from Army Wife 101 to tell you about how to make your business bring in more money.

We have also heard our SOCOM readers say, “Yeah, it’s not like that for us…” Well, this time we are planning a breakout session for you run by one of your own. More details to follow.

Sign up  NOW for the Ft. Bragg Spouse X event October 30 at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux here.  And please feel free to share the tile above with your friends, groups, and commands on Facebook.

2. The Spouse Experience:  Norfolk/Virginia Beach

Norfolk, VA actually won the voting (see below). Since we visited the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area just a year ago, we will wait until spring to come back to the area with our brand new 2015 show. Please let us know if you can help us get the word out. And keep watching for the registration site to go live.

spouse x vote

3. The Spouse Experience San Antonio, Texas

We know you were disappointed when your September event was postponed, but a new date in January 2015 is in the works right now. If you were already registered, we will send you the new date. Be on the lookout for the new sign up coming soon!

For everyone else, we are still filling our schedule for 2015.  We would love to have you nominate your location and tell your leadership you want SpouseX to come to you and contact us via our CONTACT button above.








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