Want a Government Job? There May be Hope


If you've been in the market for a government employee job on or near your military base over the last few months, you have been feeling pretty frustrated. Government budget cuts have not only meant that hiring is frozen for certain open positions, but that some positions are being eliminated altogether.

When you're stationed at a rural base or in the market for a job that will give you hiring preference after your next PCS, a government job is your best bet -- and no hiring or cut positions is your biggest enemy.

The good news is that things might be looking up for you. According to this story from Government Executive and statistics from the Labor Department, the government ended July with the same number of employees with which it ended June. That means that whatever jobs were eliminated or frozen were balanced out by those that made hires.

I know you're thinking "so they didn't add any overall and they didn't take anyway overall. That doesn't seem to increase my chances. And that's good because ...?"

It's about trends, folks. It's all about the trends.

See, according to that Government Executive story this comes after all those months, even years of job shedding instead of "stagnation." Those frozen and eliminated positions were stacked high. But for these last two months? Nothing. Just ... stability.

And that COULD be a sign that things are about to get better for MilSpouse federal job seekers.

So start polishing those USAJobs skills. Don't know how? Here are some great guides for finding federal jobs:

Ten steps to getting hired by Uncle Sam.

Fifteen tips to acing federal job applications.

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