Top 10 MilSpouse Stereotypes We Hate the Most


Stereotypes are just a part of life. But when it comes to military spouses stereotypes, there are some we hate more than others.

Our fans at a recent Spouse Experience event in San Diego, Calif. agreed. No stereotypes are fun, but when we asked them to come up with the ones they hate the most, this is what they said -- and we agree.

Top 10 Military Spouse Stereotypes We Hate the Most

1. All military spouses are unemployed.


And, not only are they unemployed, but they eat bon-bons all day while sitting on the couch. I mean, I do. Don't you? P.S. What the crap is a bon-bon anyway and how come I haven't had any yet?

2. All military spouses are perpetually pregnant.


Pregnancy only seems like it lasts a lifetime. Really, it is only nine months. And the average military family has a grand total of two (count 'em!) children. By the way, I strongly advise that you do not even let my proudly childless military spouse friends know you said that. And for those spouses and service members who are trying to have a baby? Well, they are right now putting on a brave face. Thanks for that, Haters.

3. All military spouses have a hill of kids at home (not that there's anything wrong with that).


The problem here is clearly five-year-olds. Five-year-old boys (especially when they are wearing their cammies) seem to have more limbs than other people because they are always running, tumbling, kicking, bouncing and jiggling.  And when these little guys have at least one sibling in Disney princess mode, a milspouse can look like they are running a preschool all by themselves. And, remember, one in five military spouses HAS NO CHILDREN.

4. All military spouses big-puffy-pink-heart love gossip.


I mean, didn't you hear that's true? Because I did. I totally saw that on People magazine. And you should have heard what the General's wife had to say about that cuz we are best friends!

5. All military spouses wear their service member's rank.


Which is really weird. Because in this generation if you wanted to be in the military and have a rank and take command, you could have actually marched down to the recruiter and done that. Wow! A lot of us already did do that!  And the rest of us are just being nice to show up and support the command. We kind of like you.

6. All military spouses are uneducated.


Maybe that's why we sit home and eat bon-bons -- because we don't know any better. Then again, maybe the truth is more like the fact that 84 percent of spouses have at least some college and 31% have completed bachelor's and graduate degrees. That is higher than the national average.

7. All military spouses are wealthy.


Spouses are obviously "wealthy" because of the service member's ginormous paycheck and amazing benefits, right? Your own ability to work has nothing to do with it, clearly. Then again, I gotta question this particular stereotype, because if we are all supposed to be wealthy then everyone else must belong to a different military than we do.

8. All military spouses are lonely.


This one might be an OK stereotype because sometimes it is true -- especially when we are dealing with deployments and moves. But if this is just a mean way of saying we are so lonely so we are ready to cheat on our service members? Then consider yourself hated for even thinking of it.

9. All military spouses are bossy.


I am pretty bossy. But it's because I am a first born, so I had lots of practice before I got here.  But maybe natural bossiness is part of being able to handle being left alone a lot.  Note to self:  must find more people to boss.

10. All military spouses are high maintenance.



What are your least favorite military spouse stereotypes?



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