Top 10 Duty Stations You Gotta See For Yourself

Ask a young military spouse about what he or she is looking forward to about military life and they always, always, ALWAYS mention travel.

Ask seasoned military spouses what they have loved best about military life and they always, always, ALWAYS mention travel.  Everyone has at least one incredible place that they have been stationed.

At our live Spouse X event in San Diego this month, one group had a really hard time narrowing down their favorite duty stations to just ten.  They made a rule that at least one person in the group had to have actually lived there, not just visited.  Here are their faves:

1. Sigonella, Italy. The jewel of the Mediterranean. Best pizza in the world.



2. Devon, England. Good with sheep... or Royal Marine Commandos.


3.  Atsugi, Japan. Great food. Courteous people.

mt fuji

4. Andersen AFB, Guam. Perfect scuba diving. Unforgettable sunsets.



5. Pensacola, Fla. Give us the white beaches on the Gulf Coast, please!

destin fl

6. Shrivenham, England. Just a quick drive to London -- and a fabulous international community.



7. Okinawa, Japan. Amazing culture. Nicest people. Slow, relaxed environment.



8.  Ft. Carson, Co. Icy beauty. And the summers ain't bad either.

Fort Carson Co


9.  Monterey, Calif. -- Gimme a sea otter anytime.

sea otter


10.  San Diego, Calif. Love the weather. Love the beaches. (Could live without the water bill, though.)




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