MilSpouse Honored by White House as 'Champion of Change'


The White House is honoring a set of veterans and military spouses  Aug 27 as part of the Obama administration's Champions of Change program.

Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, founder of MSB New Media and NextGen MilSpouse, is the only active duty military spouse being honored as part of the event. A second military spouse, Karen Archipley, is being honored for her organic farming project with her veteran husband Colin Archipley, a former Marine.

We are very - VERY - proud to call Adrianna a friend of  Military.com and SpouseBuzz. You may have met her or seen her speak at the Military.com Spouse Summit early this year. But even if you did you might not know exactly what Adrianna is all about. So I'm going to tell you:

Adrianna started MSB New Media and, by extension, NextGen MilSpouse because she saw a need for a place to help military spouse bloggers promote their own brands while banding together to as part of something larger in the Military Spouse Blogger Network. She connects military spouse bloggers with opportunities to work with companies and advertisers.


But that's not it. Last year, in partnerships with the annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference, she helped bring military spouse small business owners to the AUSA expo floor where they got their brands and companies in front of a huge audience as part of the Military Spouse CEO Experience.

And because empowering milspouse business owners isn't enough, she has her hands in another pie. We've told you before about Homefront Rising Tampa, a bi-partisan boot camp for spouses who want to run for office. Some of the brains behind the magic belong to Adrianna.

Adrianna empowers people like you and me. Yes, me. When I was floundering over getting my own website up and operational, Adrianna swooped in, did some internet magic and BAM! it's gorgeous. She acted like it was nothing. She did it in between throwing clothes in a suitcase for a blogging conference and making lunch for her kids.  She put up with my dumb questions. And then she met with me and a few friends on a Skype group chat to make sure I wasn't alone with TDY sadness for my birthday.

The White House could've honored a lot of people as part of this program (and they have in the past). But I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing by singling out Adrianna, and here's why:

While the majority of us are hanging out trying to figure out ways to better our lives, pay the bills on time and make sure our children don't drown in the toilet, a special few are laser focused on helping others. For some people that kind of work comes so naturally they don't even know they are doing it.

Adrianna is one of those.



Photos by Military.com.

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