Poll: What Would Make You Happier With Your MilLife?


Scientists at University College London have published a mathematical equation this week that can predict how happy you will be. According to these guys, what happiness boils down to is whether or not what is happening this minute is better than you expected it to be.

So for all of us living the military life, if you expected to get the kind of housing that came complete with its own personal brand of black mold and instead you drive up to military housing that looks like Tara on Tybee Island, you are pretty happy.

If you expected your fiancé to be home for your wedding and instead they extended his deployment an extra 60 days today, then you are probably unhappy.

If you thought that the military meant a steady paycheck and benefits as well as a lot of camping trips in sandy places, then ... we are not sure what you think.

But it did make us wonder what you thought would make you a little happier with your military life.

Here are a few things we hear military spouses wishing for from time to time. Considering all our expectations about military life, which of these things do you think would make you happiest right this minute?

Take our poll  and check out the results below:



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