'Lost' Vehicle Worries Increase - Congress Responds


Complaints surrounding vehicles with what officials have called "loss of visibility" are continuing to grow as more and more service members come forward to complain that shipping officials can't locate their cars or that no one will call them back.

According to Surface Deployment Distribution Command (SDDC), which is in charge of the policies surrounding personal operated vehicles (POVs), no cars have actually been lost -- officials with the shipping company just can't easily tell where they are.

SDDC officials said the biggest issue is that, thanks largely to a problem with communications between container ships and International Auto Logisticis (IAL), the company that took over the shipping contract in early May, customers can't track where their vehicles are. And when they try to call IAL customer services representatives or processing centers, no one answers the phone, largely because the volume of calls is so high.

As a result customers are feeling left out in the cold -- and starting to panic that their cars could be lost for good. Some have even gone so far as to file stolen vehicle reports with their insurance companies.

And then there is Congress. As more and more troops who don't know where their cars are contact their representatives, those lawmakers have started circling back with the DoD asking questions.

You can read all about that over here in my Military.com news story.

In the meantime for those of you who are still dealing with this issue -- what is your status? Share in the comments.

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