7 Ways Military Movers Want You To Get Ready


Editor's note: When we published an anonymous post from a military mover on what movers want you to know, you asked for more. What, exactly, is the best way to get ready for your movers?

Our military mover tells all.

7 ways your military mover wants you to get ready

1. Be sure to do a good walk through the day before your packers arrive and grab and put away everything that you will need for your trip to where you are going. We usually ask if we are unsure of something, but just to be safe it's always best to put it away if you think you will need it.

2. Put your pets in a room/kennel. I am pro-animals but not everyone is. We understand they are family too, but we are coming in as strangers and, just like family, they can be protective of their belongings. I've been bitten by a cat and a dog. It's not fun.

3. Keep everything that is being packed right where it is. Its harder for us to pack when everything is pulled out and set places. Also, it's more likely it will be mixed up when you get it on the other end. I know it's hard, but if you leave your items where they usually stay when you're not planning  a move they will end up at your new house grouped together like they should be.

4. Not all packers will pack your toilet brushes and plungers. Its pretty much up to them. I know I don't like touching them in my own house let alone someone else's. If you would like to have them packed, it would be a nice gesture to wrap them in a garbage bag.  We would be more open to packing them.

5. Don't think your kids are bothering us, because most of the time they aren't. I know moving with small children is stressful. We don't mind kids -- most of the people I work with have them. I have actually made up some boxes like forts for them to play in, and it keeps them occupied. Kids do get stressed during moves, so we like to make it easier for them, too.  If you have small children let us know during the walk through. We don't mind leaving a box open so they can have some things to keep them occupied until the load day.

6. We are not allowed to climb in attics. If you have anything in your attic please take it down. If you need help we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

7. Keep your clothes on the hangers in the closet. It's so much easier to just grab them out of the closet and hang them in the box than it is when they are laying on the bed or the floor.


The author of this piece, a military packer, asked that his name not be used to protect his employment.  

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