Have a Say: MWR Survey Sent to Troops


Make sure your service member has checked his email. He (or she!) may have been randomly selected to take part in an MWR use survey -- and his responses can make a big difference.

The Defense Department's Morale, Welfare and Recreation Customer Satisfaction Survey was sent to randomly selected service member's via email starting May 12. It asks both specific and general questions about MWR programs such as fitness centers, libraries, outdoor recreation, swimming pools, single-member services, athletics and more, according to MWR officials.

The survey is the first of its kind since 2011. And taking it DOES make a difference, DoD officials said.

"The 2011 survey showed that the top areas for improvement were fitness centers, outdoor recreation and single service member programs," said Joy Crabaugh, a DoD personnel and readiness spokesperson. "The military services improved fitness facilities, added fitness programs, increased the selection and quality of outdoor equipment, expanded high-adventure outdoor activities, and increased program activities for single service members."

It's true -- the survey focuses on MWR use by service members -- not their families. But you and I both know that Household Six is always lurking. And you could take the survey with your service member as a friendly influence on his answers, if you know what I mean.

A survey like this one is only done once every few years. The last two were in 2009 and 2011. Over the 2011 version more than 17,000 service members took the survey.

"Each service member will have an equal chance of being chosen to participate in the survey," Crabaugh said. "Every service member’s opinion counts, and the department wants to hear from everyone who receives an e-mail invitation."

We can't share a link to the survey with you because it was direct emailed to only randomly selected folks. But we can tell you to inspire your personal service member to check their inbox.

They have until June 12 to get their responses in.

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