Poll: Take a Military Career Sabbatical?


A planned Air Force pilot program would allow both officer and enlisted airmen to take up to three years off to start a family or complete other goals, like education, Military.com reports.

The program would work much like a sabbatical. During it airmen would be placed into the Individual Ready Reserve and would likely not draw pay. You can check out the Military.com story for all the information on how this would impact airmen careers.

While details are still emerging as to how this would work in the Air Force, the Navy has experiment with a similar program for several years. Participants in that one do receive a small stipend while in it and retain their health care coverage for them and their family as well as their commissary and exchange benefits, according to the Navy fact sheet.

Some spouses we spoke with think this is a fabulous idea, and a great way for their spouses to finish up schooling or take time for family in the middle of what is otherwise a long career with very little downtime. Others, like Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, said this is just a way for the military to get out of having fair paternity and maternity leave practices.

But we want to know what YOU think. Take and check out the results below.



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