POLL: Is the Spouse Sisterhood a Myth?


Marry into the military and someone is sure to tell you how she envies all the support you receive.  Seriously?  Support?  Is that what you call it?

In response to a recent blog post about fitting in, one of our readers wrote, "I feel like there is a false representation in the media about the way military spouses have this bond of 'sisterhood.' I haven't seen it. I haven't been a part of it. I am pretty sure it's myth."

That made all of us at SpouseBuzz wonder, too. Is the spouse sisterhood a myth?

I mean, really.  In my 27 years as a military wife, how often have I actually felt part of a marvelous sisterhood?

If sisterhood means that you treat each other like the evil spawn you wish had never been born, I'd go ahead and call it a sisterhood.

If you know me, it isn't hard to imagine how I could have  been mean girled with some frequency.  Honestly, I cannot be cool to save my life.  Once there was even an I-Hate-Jacey party (and I was not even invited!)

The way I fit in with military wives is pretty much the same way I fit with groups of women in other areas of my life too -- not all that well.

But I always have friends.  Close friends. Friends like sisters.  If sisterhood means that these are the people to whom you would give blood, money, time, then this is a sisterhood.

If sisterhood means that you stand by each other through birth, death, rocky marriage moments and ominous weight gain, then this is a sisterhood.

If sisterhood means that someone finds something to like in your moody teenager, then this is, indeed, a sisterhood.

But do we do all these things because we were part of the military sisterhood? Or because we were going to be friends anyway?  Or are those things hopelessly entwined?

So we are asking you, is the military spouse sisterhood a myth? Take our poll and then check out the results below.



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