New Sesame Street App Helps Kids Move


A fabulous new app from Sesame Workshop is packed with helpful messaging to get your child ready for a move, talking points for you and major entertainment value.

The highly interactive app, "The Big Move," allows users to navigate through the news that the character (which they design) is moving. Users help him or her pack toys, say good-bye to the moving truck, say good-bye to things and friends, travel to the new home and meet new friends and neighborhood. If you child is Elmo or Oscar fan, there's even a special appearance by those two.


A separate parent section is packed with talking points and tips for parents in six categories from breaking the news about the upcoming move, to managing emotions, to settling in.


The target audience for this app, like most Sesame Workshop products, is 3 to 5-years-old. And while I thought it was phenomenal, I figured the best person to review it for you is my 5-year-old, Dave, who has moved three times in his short life and will hopefully be moving again sometime this year.

All I told Dave about the app when I handed him the iPhone was that it was about moving. And then  I let him go to town.

After about 15 minutes I had to pry it from his hot little hands. I think he would've played for a half hour or longer if I had let him. He seemed particularly mesmerized by the animation that he could uncover at different stages. He said his favorite part was creating his character but, hey, if it's part of getting a larger message across then who cares?

You can download the app for Android or iPhone or for Kindle Fire at Google Play, the Apple Store or Amazon by searching "Big Moving Adventure."

You can also explore the app without downloading it over here on Sesame Workshop's site.

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