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When we get ready for the Military.com National Spouse Summit each year we know that one thing will definitely come from it: Amazitude.

What's "amazitude," you ask?  After the summit ended Wednesday, we knew for sure that amazitude is  the spring in our step we get from seeing military spouses from across the Washington D.C. area and the U.S. gather in one place to think through challenges and come up with great solutions.

It's the surprise and delight on the faces of our participants when we spring a flash mob on them by the American Military Spouse Choir. (Gotta be bad, ladies!)

It's the lickety split way spouses connected with each other so quickly that they can bring eye-opening results about the budget to our guests from the Military Compensation and Retirement Commission who were so interested in your ideas and input that they stood over your table like scientists observing lab rats.

It's the life changing nature of the jobs spouses find from the contacts, connections and insight people find here.

And it's the way our military leaders who attended our "Class With the Brass" session spoke with you and then listened to your concerns and input, ready to take it back and use it to make a difference.

That is why we hold these summits and our Military.com Spouse Experience events across the country throughout the year. Because we know that you have amazitude that needs to be released into the wild.

We know that living your best military life means that you want to share it with others. We want your life hacks, and you want to give them.

Thanks to our sponsors USAA and MilitaryByOwner.com, we were able to bring you speakers who have made a difference in their communities by living their best lives.

El Brown's 100 pound weight loss inspired the group to make quantifiable goals that help get your snap back.  LaToya and Chris Boyles amazing success with the four million viewers of their YouTube channel showed us how love and work and passion all lead to something wonderful.  And Kris Johnson's story of heartbreak and redemption brought the whole crowd to their feet.

Bringing the amazitude of our readers together with the groups who work to help them is one of our greatest pleasures. The professionals from Military Officers Association of American, National Military Family Association, Save Our Benefit and Blue Star Families all offered their insights.

So thanks for your amazitude. We'll see it next year!

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