Top 10 Ways Military Guys Make Best Romantic Leads


When I first decided to write a love story, I had a good idea about the kind of person I wanted my hero to be—and the requirements piled high. What man could possibly fit the bill?

As soon as I learned about the Air Force Pararescuemen, my heart leaped. As a romance writer, here are ten reasons why military guys in general make for romantic heroes that keep readers turning pages late into the night.

10 reasons why military guys are the best romance heroes.

1. They have strong values. On the job, they fight for what they believe in and defend freedom. Off the clock, they’ll fight for the woman they love and defend their relationship with her against all odds.

2. They’re complex. At work, they’re trained to keep a lot to themselves—including top-secret information and their feelings. That makes for strong, mature men that are aware of what they’re not telling. In a novel, finding out what’s really in his heart is a puzzle no heroine can resist!

ComeFindMe_cover_300x4803. They know how to do cool things. They can operate complex machinery. They like toys and games. They’re very competent with their hands. Need I say more?

4. They’re great team players. They stand by their buddies and their families. They make great fathers and husbands. Even when the going gets tough, they stick around to help out.

5. They’re adventurous. They’re used to working in a highly controlled environment that can include a lot of danger. When it’s time to have fun, they know how to live it up! Plus, they’re in great physical shape.

6. They’re skilled at adapting to new situations. In every romance the heroines come with their own issues at stake. Sure, winning over a single mom’s teenage kids may not be as tough as flying an Apache helicopter, but it’s still hard—and he’s up for the challenge.

7. They’re patient. Because they’re used to functioning as part of a large team, these guys are used to waiting for things. In a novel, he’ll wait for a woman to realize she’s in love with him. As a lover, he’ll take his time.

8. They’re modest and cocky. It takes a special mixture of humility and confidence to dress like everyone else and follow orders. In a romantic relationship, that shines through in the sweetest way. These heroes will tell her she’s beautiful and stand up to the other guy competing for her heart.

9. They look great in a uniform. I know it’s a cliché, but darn it, it’s true! Those neatly ironed pants and crisply starched shirts only accentuate what lies below. And when he starts to unbutton them, it sends shivers of delight down her spine…

10. They love deeply and forever. These men are used to committing to something bigger than themselves. They put their lives on the line for others all the time. Their loyalty runs deep, and their love of country is only part of their huge hearts. The other part is their family and friends. If you’re the only girl he has ever loved, he’ll come find you, no matter how many things have forced you apart.

 Travis Neighbor Ward’s debut novel Come Find Me was published in April 2014, and has been in the Top 100 military romances on Amazon.com ever since. Her second novel due in August, The Unified Theory of Love and Everything, has a Master of Arms in the U.S. Navy in the starring role. For more information, visit www.travisnward.com

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