Spouse Summit: Your BEST Military Life, Not Just His


Does it ever seem like the military only sees you in terms of what you can do for your husband? Or your wife? Or your partner? It can feel like they don’t quite realize that you have a life, too.

That’s why I was so glad to hear from a Marine wife at our Spouse X event at Camp LeJeune last fall. She stopped me to say how much she loved our events because they were set up for her as a person, not just as a military spouse.

“I love my husband and I’d do anything for him,” she told me. “But sometimes it is good to have the focus on me and what I want!”

We kept that spouse in mind when we designed our annual National Spouse Summit, May 6 and 7 in Northern Virginia.

The Your BEST Military Life Conference

We are calling it the "Your BEST Military Life Conference" because we know you. We know how much you already do for your service member, your kids, your clients, your parents, your community, your coworkers and your dear pets.

So this conference is about helping you get what you need to build the happiest life possible while in love with your one-in-a-million military member.

It isn’t about sitting and listening to experts tell you what you could have looked up online for yourself.

Instead, we have all our sessions set-up to help you make real connections and relationships that will help you achieve your own goals for the coming year.

Looking to get back into the workforce?

We have sessions to help you talk your way into a BEST life job, make your business bigger, and figure out your LinkedIn & BeKnown connections once and for all. Last year five people found jobs through the connections they made at our National Spouse Summit.

Want to stop talking and start changing?

Whether you are ready for your relationship to get back on track or your want to x or you would like to lose a hundred pounds, we have experts who are guaranteed to inspire you through connection not comparsion. Follow their win to a win of your own.

 Want to be heard by Congress?

The continuous debate this year about changing benefits, pays and troop cuts can make anyone a little nervous. And our friends on Capitol Hill and the Pentagon really do want to know what spouses like you really think. They know you are instrumental when it comes to retention. So take part in our Rack ‘Em and Stack ‘Em workgroups and let your voice be heard.

Check out our entire line up here.

And find our registration site here: 2014 Spouse Summit Registration | The Military.com Spouse Summit

The entire event is free for military spouses and military professionals. We even chose our event site at the Sheraton Tyson’s Corner to make travel and parking easy for everyone.

We want to see you there. Because no one gets to have a BEST military life without you in it! 

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