Poll: Tell Us What You Think About Pay, Benefit Changes


As military spouses we know that pay and benefits are the most important issues in our homes. They may not be something we think about every waking hour, but they are what make this military life possible.

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We also know from talking to you, our readers, that they are your top issue, too. The proposals that would change the commissary, lower yearly troop pay raises and drastically alter Tricare are important to you because they impact your day-to-day life.

The leaders that proposed these changes think they're a good idea. Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps  Michael Barrett even told Congress that Marines don't really care about pay raises if it's between that and good equipment.

That's why Military.com wants to know what YOU think about the proposed pay and benefit changes.

The questionnaire should only take participants a few minutes to complete. The first five questions deal with the specific proposals in the Pentagon’s fiscal 2015 budget request that would curb military pay and benefits. The last five questions seek basic demographic information.

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