Praise the Lord and Roll-Up Those Sleeves, Marines

I'm going to be honest, and I hope you don't tell my husband: I have a thing for Marines -- or, rather, their biceps. Which is why I am so happy to tell you that rolled sleeves are coming back.

It's worth noting that I also have an even BIGGER thing for husband's Army biceps. They are glorious, ladies. But they are mine. You may not have them and don't even THINK about squeezing them. That's my job.

The first fella I ever dated was this young Marine straight out of basic pulling guard duty at 8th and I in Washington, D.C. And so Marine biceps will always have a special place in my heart -- especially those peeking out from below those crisp rolled sleeves of yore.

Or rather, yore no more.

Yesterday the Marine Corps commandant did humanity a favor and announced via Facebook that after a more than two year hiatus, the biceps are back or ... er ... rolled sleeves are once again going to be permitted.

“I can’t tell you how many times we have been asked the persistent question, ‘Commandant, are we ever going to return to SLEEVES UP?” the Facebook announcement from Commandant Gen. James Amos and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Micheal Barrett states. “I’ve thought a lot about this over the past 2.5 years; I realize that it’s important to you. Sleeves up clearly and visually sets us apart.”

Yes, visually.

I mean - ahem! - the utility of rolled sleeves is CLEARLY important. Who wants to be sweating in the summer under long sleeves when you COULD be rolling them and scoring a little ventilation?

When we rolled them down we were oh, so sad.

But now rolled sleeves will be back before our eyes March 9 when the Corps makes the yearly switch from their winter woodland camouflage uniform to their spring and summer dessert camouflage.

And the world rejoiced.

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