Poll: Does Girlfriend Trump Mom at Homecoming


When it comes to having your in-laws visit during homecoming, we stand pretty firm:  Don’t do it. But what about girlfriends, boyfriends and significant others? Do they trump parents, too?

Unless your servicemember insists that he or she could never, ever be happy without seeing the parents at homecoming, we recommend that you wrap a little time around you and yours -- and go visit the in-laws the next week.

We got a question from a National Guard girlfriend whose boyfriend is deployed. He was raised by a single mother. The lady has visited the couple and has been very supportive during this deployment. The girlfriend wrote:

My boyfriend addressed the issue today that his mom was unable to see him when he came home from AFG last deployment and how it would mean a lot to her if she were here when he came home.

Since he did not deploy with a unit at Ft. Benning, we will literally just be picking him up from the airport in Atlanta.

Do I need to start preparing myself for the fact that after six months I still won't get alone time (and I'm seriously talking about cuddling and just staring at each other) because she will expect him to stay at her hotel so she can stare at him?

While we have collected some advice for girlfriends, boyfriends and MilSos at homecoming for a future article, we wanted to ask you first. Should the mom come to homecoming? Take our poll to the right of the screen and check out the results below:


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