Why Didn't You Tell Me I Would Miss Military Life?


It still happens sometimes. As I near the entrance to a store, I reach into my wallet and attempt to pull out my ID. Then, it dawns on me. I am not at the PX, I no longer carry a dependent's ID , and I don't need to prove that I am eligible to shop there.

I was a military spouse for nine years, and I miss it.

Oh, I could complain with the best of them. This post is too small. The clinics are understaffed. The commissary sells out of meat too quickly.

What I would give now to have steady housing, healthcare and discounted prices. Truth be told, the situation was not that bad. It was my attitude that failed miserably.

Please don't take me the wrong way. I am not saying current spouses should not have grievances. Those exist in all walks of life. And, sometimes, you need to get together with your sister spouses and have a good cry over long deployments, issues with pay and poor plumbing in housing.

After you dry your tears and put down you trusty wine glass, though, look around you and consider the opportunities. Think of the people you have met. Think of the sights you have seen. Think of the joyful reunions with your soldier...those that have happened and those to come. Think of how you will miss military life.

You are a military spouse for a reason. You are in this life to touch and be touched by those around you. Embrace that. I wish I had done so when I had the chance.

In a few months, I am going to visit my sister when she makes a PCS to a military installation in Texas. I know that she will be eager to take me out and show me the attractions of nearby towns. And, really, that sounds wonderful; I can't wait to see her and her family.

Before we hit the road, though, I am going to ask her favor: Could we hang around the PX for awhile? That would really make my day.

Mary Ritzo was an Army wife for nine years. She currently residse in New England and am a mother to Isabella (12) and Amanda (11). She is pursuing a degree in Communications/Professional Writing and enjoys vintage cookbooks and running.

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