3 Reasons to Give a Shout-Out to Your Deployed Spouse on 'Enlisted'

I am a reluctant sucker for TV military greetings. You know the ones -- often broadcasted mid-sports event or during a day-time talk show, they feature a grinning military spouse saying something like  "My name is Amy and I want to say 'I love you' to my husband in Afghanistan."

I say I'm a "reluctant sucker" because I hate to admit that these cheesy clips from real spouses to their real servicemembers make me kinda misty-eyed every time. Catchy me at the right moment and you might even see a tear roll down my cheek. Hey, I've been where these spouses are. And I'm the cheesiest person on the planet when it comes to military love.

Now YOU can have the chance to make me cry with a shout out of your own. Fox is looking for military spouses and family members to submit three second video shout-outs to their deployed servicemembers. They plan to air the clips in conjunction with their new military comedy Enlisted, which premiers in January.

According to our friends at Army Wife Network, who clued us into Fox's greeting hunt, the network is hurting for submissions. That means if you can follow the directions Army Wife Network has posted here, you have a darn good chance of actually seeing your greeting on the air.

Not convinced you should apply? Here are ...

3 reasons to send a deployment video greeting to Fox:

Be on TV. Do I really have to say it? It's not every day you get your pretty face in front of a national audience. Just think how proud your grandma will be.

Get the pride out there. Let's be honest -- your deployed spouse is probably not going to see the greeting when it airs. After all, he (or she) IS deployed, right? But that doesn't mean shouting your military pride to the Enlisted sit-com viewing public isn't a good idea.

Remind them we're at war. I'm not into walking around reminding everyone I see that my husband serves. I don't play the deployment card. And I rarely ask about military discounts. But jumping  at a chance to remind the TV viewing public that there are still servicemembers fighting a war overseas seems like a good idea to me. With less than 1 percent of Americans serving in the armed forces, it's easy for civilians to forget we are, in fact, a nation at war. Your shout out is a non-tacky way to remind them. "Hey, I'm giving a shout-out to my deployed wife because she's deployed. HELLO AMERICA. DEPLOYED."

What are you waiting for? Go put together that three second video and get the party started.

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