Poll: Would You Be Happier Outside the Military?

Happiness is a finicky thing. We spend hours of our days, often subconsciously, pursuing things because they make us happy. Heck, the U.S. was formed, at least in very small part, to protect the ever elusive “pursuit of happiness.”

Yet we don’t often sit back and ask ourselves whether what we are doing truly does make us more or less happy than any other activity. And we rarely spend time examining what we could do to make ourselves more happy.

Some of us SpouseBuzzers are actively working towards practical happiness as part of our Happiness Projects. Through those we’re asking ourselves questions like “what can I do to be happier” and “what can I stop doing?”

One of the project goals is to take a step back from the major parts of your lifestyle and ask yourself if you could be happier doing something else – and then, if so, work on making a change.

But what if that change is a shift in something so big that it impacts your entire life? What if that change is … getting out of the military?

I can honestly say that being in the military makes my family happy. We love moving to new places. My spouse feels fulfilled in his infantry job. My career is also tied to our military life. Sure, there are major challenges -- but they don't outweigh the things we like, and in the end happiness wins.

But that doesn’t mean military life makes you happy, too.

And it made us wonder: how many of our readers would have a happier family if their servicemember was NOT in the military?

So take our poll and check out the results below.



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