'Drunk' Cocoa How-To: An Easy Gift Idea


It's almost that time of year again -- the air is getting frosty, there's a fire glowing in your living room (or, you're like me, and you're still in denial about the need to turn on the heat) and you're trying to figure out what in the world to take to the that gift exchange looming on the horizon.

Here at Household Bushatz we try to walk the fine lines between classy and lazy and crafty and clumsy. On the one hand, I want to take a gift that says "I spent a lot of time thinking about you." On the other hand, I don't want to really have to work for it.

Then again, I want the item to at least look like I have some craft skills. But I would also like to be able to deliver it without accompanying hot glue gun burns.

That's why his adorable hot chocolate and Baileys drunk hot chocolate kit is perfect for me. The cost is low -- a mason jar, some powdered hot cocoa, marshmallows and a mini bottle of Baileys -- but the impact is high. After seeing it here first I decided a how-to tutorial is in order. If I can put this together, so can you.

How to assemble a Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift Set


1. Gather your supplies


Your needs for this project are pretty simple:

-- Mini-marshmallows

-- Hot chocolate powder (I used Swiss Miss)

-- Twine

-- Hot glue gun

-- Wide mouth, pint sized mason jars

-- Baileys mini bottles -- buy one for each jar you plan to assemble. We found ours at the Class Six on base.

2. Wash your mason jars

We just want them to be clean -- because no one wants Walmart dust in their drink powder.

3. Put the powder in the jars.

I put just a smidge over one cup of powder in each jar.

4. Add some yummy looking mini-marshmallows.

Fact: marshmallows will be my downfall. I know, I know -- they're just sugar, and really crazy processed sugar at that. But they are sooooo good! There's nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate with 200 marshmallows floating on top. Or maybe that's more like a cup of marshmallows with hot chocolate on the bottom. Whatever.

5. Tie your twine to your bottles.

I cut a long piece of twine and wrapped the middle point around the neck of the bottle, then tied a simple knot to hold it in place.

6. Wrap the bottle to the jar.

Before you start this plug your hot glue gun in to let it warm.

I hate to say that this part was really tricky, and would be much, MUCH easier with a second person helping. But here's how to do it solo:

Holding the bottle up by the twine against the side of the jar you want it placed on (I wanted it to the left of the "bell"),  firmly wrap the twine several times around lid, being very careful to not let it slip down. This took me several tries to get it right.

Once you have it wrapped around, pulling it firmly tie a simple knot. Holding it very firm and tight, glue the knot in place. Then, trim the ends of the twine to be short and not noticeable.

And this is what you get -- ta-da!!

Since the "recipe" for Baileys and Hot Chocolate on the Bailey's site is simply "prepare hot chocolate and add Bailey's" including a recipe card seemed a little unnecessary. But you could tie one on with an additional piece of twine if you like.

Take this gift to your next exchange or even  as hostess gift for a holiday party. Easy and perfect!

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