Halloween Care Package: Witches Hat Cookies and Spooky Stamped Bags


Is your service member missing Trick-or-Treat back home this year thanks to deployment? Don't fret! These witches hat cookies are the perfect treat for their Halloween care package! The spooky, skull-stamped bags keep the cookies packaged in theme for shipping and bring a little Halloween magic to your deployed Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, wherever they are. Plus, the witches hats only take a few minutes to assemble, so your care package will be assembled in no time.

You'll Need:

For the cookies:

One box of round cookies with one chocolate side (Keebler's coconut Samoa knock-off worked well here)

One tube of icing - either orange or black

One bag of Hershey's Kisses

For the bags:

One potato

A knife

Paper bags


Black ink pad

Let's get started! First... the cookies!

halloween fun at spousebuzz.com!

Step One: Assemble your ingredients

This is really the easiest little cookie to throw together, and it looks pretty cute and Halloweeny when it's all done. So grab your cookies, your icing, and your kisses and let's get started.

what you need to make witches hats for your halloween care package. perfect for milsos to make for deployed soldiers!

Step Two: Assemble the hat

This step could also be called, "try not to eat your weight in Hershey's kisses while you unwrap them for the cookies," because that was my biggest challenge. But seriously, unwrap the kisses so you have them to put on top  of the cookies, and lay the cookies out on a sheet of parchment paper, chocolate side up. With a squeeze of icing, affix the kiss to the cookie.

use hershey's kisses frosted to a cookie to create a witch's hat for halloween!!

Step Three: Let them set

You'll need to let the icing dry, which will take about half an hour. Then they'll be ready to package. While we wait, let's make the spooky stamped bags we'll package them in!

these witches hats cookies are perfect for deployment care packages over halloween!


Spooky Stamped Bags

Step One: Prepare the potato stamp

This one is pretty simple, although it looks a little tricky. To make the stamp, cut the potato in half, and draw whatever you want your design to be on the potato half. I wanted a spooky skull, but you could just as easily do a ghost or a pumpkin.

how to carve a spooky potato stamp for a halloween deployment care package #milso

Step Two: Carve the stamp

To create the stamp, we're going to carve away the image from the potato so that there is no negative space.

how to carve a spooky potato stamp for a halloween deployment care package #milso

Step Three: Stamp the bags!

Now the fun part: Stamp your design all over the bags! I used black ink because I thought it would look best on the paper bags, but you can use whatever colors you would like. Remember in elementary school when potato stamped tee-shirts were the height of summer camp project cool? I love that with these bags, they still can be. Potato stamps forever!

this potato stamp makes for care package fun if you're working with a halloween deployment

When that's all done, you can assemble your package. I put my witches hats into the bags and tied them with a very non-spooky bow, but that's because I'm the sort of girl who loves bows and fun ribbon. For the sake of shipping, you'll probably want to put these into a plastic container or a sealable bag, just so bugs don't get in, so you don't even have to seal the bags if you don't want to. Whatever you choose to do, when your servicemember opens a Halloween box to these, he or she will be mighty impressed with your awesome trick-or-treat craftiness!

spooky stamped bags are a great way to send halloween fun in your deployment care package!

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