DIY Upcycled Camoflauge Wreath


I can't be the only one who finds discarded cammies around the house. Before this one pursued its life as a wreath, for instance, it faced uncertain death in the dryer with a mouth guard still in the pocket. Nothing says professional like melted plastic.

But! As the resilient military spouse that I am, determined to make the most of discarded gear left around the house, I found a home for this once-loved blouse on the front of my door ... as a welcoming, fabulous up-cycled military camo wreath that took exactly $3 and 45 minutes to make. Ooh-rah!


DIY military wreath

You'll need:

A discarded piece of camouflage (I used a blouse, but the slacks would work just as well)

A wreath frame

Pinking shears

A bit of ribbon for accent


Step One:

Take a piece of your accent ribbon and tie it to your frame to determine how long you want your strips of fabric to be. I used a 12" metal frame and used strips that were about 10" long and 3/4" wide.

DIY military wreath

Step Two:

Cut the strips from the uniform to tie around the wreath. Don't worry about being too precise - or really, don't worry about being precise at all. The beauty of this wreath is that it's easy! Pinking shears leave such a pretty edge that it won't matter at all if one piece is a little wider than another.

DIY military wreath

Step Three:

Tie the strips to the frame. I used a double knot, which I found was the best way to keep them affixed. (Also, what if it's windy? They need to be fly-away-proof!)

DIY military wreath

Step Four:

Decorate your wreath! I tied some yellow ribbon to ours, but you could easily tie on the nametag straight from the cammies or a big, festive bow.

DIY military wreath

Step Five:

Stand back and admire your awesome no-sew, crafty-impaired, all-hands-on-deck wreath. Aren't you impressive! Look at this super cute wreath you just made out of cammies that were otherwise rotting at the bottom of the laundry pile! (What, no. I don't tell myself this to make myself feel better about how long this blouse was lying around our house totally unusable. No, it's not that at all.)

This wreath is perfect to hang on your front door or give to a friend - or even new neighbors!

Tell us: What's your favorite thing to do with all that over-used camouflage?

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