Crazy Town: The Commissary on Shutdown Day

Wondering what the commissary is looking like on shutdown day?

Two words: meat rush.

In case you hadn't heard, with a government shutdown actually at play, the commissary will be closed starting tomorrow, Oct. 2, until the shutdown is resolved.

Because I like to the live on the edge, I hauled myself and my two little guys to the commissary this morning to buy our weekly groceries.

I know what you're thinking -- payday PLUS shutdown day? H-e-double-hockey-sticks no.

We went first thing, hoping to beat the bulk of the crowd. Which is why I was surprised to see the parking lot already brimming with shoppers at 0740 in the morning -- 15 minutes before they technically even opened for real shopping. Even on a normal payday, we usually are one of only around 20 or so cars in the parking lot. Not today.

An unlike in 2011 when we also put our sanity on the line and visited the commissary on the verge of a government shutdown, everyone seemed to know about the store's impending closure. And everyone was stocking up at meat.

meat commissary 2

And at 0830 almost all the ground beef was completely gone.

Meat commissary


Which makes sense. Here at SpouseBuzz we know that meat at the commissary is the one that is almost always cheaper than other stores.

"I don't usually buy this much meat, but I am stocking up for three weeks, just in case," one patron said. "With the shutdown you just don't know."

But that's just the situation here at Fort Campbell. We'll be heading back to the store this evening to see how things have fared over the course of the day.

What are things looking like at your commissary?

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