Poll: What's The Best Way To Deal With Bad Neighbors?


We all have our problems with the neighbors—bad lawns, noisy kids, crazy parties, empties in the yard, audible fights, trash cans in the street.

Heaven save me from the neighbors in our old apartment who walked so loud I thought they would come crashing through the ceiling and stay for dinner.

My current neighbor is no better.  She is the kind of kook who skulks behind my barn at 5:00 a.m. in a big ol’ bathrobe like The Creeper in Scooby Doo (scariest episode ever).

Her hands are full of raw chicken parts for the red-tailed hawk. Her own yard is studded with loaves of bread for the deer. She lines up half eaten grapefruits on a stump for the vixen and her pups. My neighbor is saving the wildlife of our town.

Or so she thinks. In my observation, the only wildlife she is actually feeding is a fat English Cocker Spaniel who shall remain nameless (and homeless if he doesn’t cut it out.)

I fantasize that my neighbor will move away.  Cuz I am a weak complainer and not really a bold confronter.  I know I should do something about this feeding of the wildlife because it is illegal in our town.  But thinking you should do something and knowing what will work are two different things.

What do you do about your crazy neighbors? Especially on base? In our area, they recommend that you go and talk to your neighbor about your problem first. But does this work? Or should you skip that and go to the cops? What do you do to solve your problems with the neighbors?

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