Do You Have A Love Story?

When I was in the Army, I realized the dedication couples have for each other in their situation. Couples who have had to deal with going off to war and being apart for long periods of time have stories to tell--and I would love to share those stories with the rest of the country.

That's why I find myself on the adventure of a lifetime. I am riding my bicycle from Seattle to San Diego filming the adventure of finding stories of love, couples of all backgrounds who have a special story.  I'm interested in how they met and fell in love, how long they've been together, or how they are doing amazing things in their community.

The adventure began September 1st when I flew to Seattle and started my trek into the community to find these amazing stories. I wa in Seattle for a couple weeks, then headed down the Pacific Coast, towards Portland.  I will be stopping in communities all the way down the coast, ending in San Diego, where I expect to arrive mid November.

This project is also important to me because I grew up in a single parent family where my mom had to raise my brother and I. She worked extremely hard, and I received so much support and love from my aunts and uncles, as well as from my parents friends... they always looked out for me, showing me love and support that has stuck with me. As a result, I am drawn to couples who have an amazing story or who are doing beautiful things for those around them. Even some of the smallest things can be so powerful.

When it's all finished, I want to create a documentary film/tv series. I would also like to create a community of couples helping other couples grow their relationship, in small and big ways, to help spread more love in the world!

Visit LastingVow.com to learn more about the project and follow along on the adventure!  If you know a great couple or if you would like to share your story, please send me an email. LastingVow@gmail.com. 

Joe Downie is an Army veteran and the founder of Lasting Vow.  He currently resides in Boulder, CO.

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