Poll: What Do You Unpack First?


Unpacking from a PCS is something of a science. The more you do it, the more you get it down to a fine-tuned rhythm.

Me? I let the movers bring in my boxes and put together the stuff they took apart (like the beds) while I feverishly unpack the kitchen so they can take all the boxes and paper from that room with them when they leave.

(Even thinking about this is raising my blood pressure).

We asked our Facebook fans about their unpacking plans awhile back and boy were there some strong opinions out there. Some were with me on the kitchen subject. Others wanted to square beds away immediately so that they could make sure there was somewhere to crash when they were tired. Still others dug out their kids’ stuff first and foremost – after all, how can you possibly get anything done with the kiddlets under foot?

So what about you? What do you unpack first? Take our poll and check out the results below and let us know just why you unpack the way you do.



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