Why You Should Score the New Commissary App


As of 2020, the commissary app is no longer in use.

The Defense Commissary Agency yesterday released their official coupon app which pairs with the commissary Rewards Card. You can download it here by clicking the link from your iPhone.

Update 2014: The app is also available here for Android. 

While I was hoping the app would double as both a coupon loader and the card itself so that my checker could scan my phone and I could leave my card at home, it doesn't What it does do, however, makes it worth the download.

What the app does: The app allows you to load new coupons to your rewards card, eliminating the need for you to load them onto it via your home computer. It also allows you to view what coupons you have on your card, which you had that have expired and which you have already redeemed. It also contains a commissary store locator.


The good: I loved that I could use the app to see the coupons currently on my card. In the past I rarely used the card simply because I could never remember what the heck was on it. A few swipes today as I was walking through the store and problem solved. I also loved that I could use it to load coupons. In the past if I forgot to do so before leaving home I was sunk. Today I stood in front of the commissary for a moment checking out the new available coupons so I could make sure I was getting the best deals possible.



The bad: I found logging in a little cumbersome. Instead of allowing me to use my alternate ID that I set-up when I registered, it required the bar code numbers from the card -- but not all of them, only 11 of them. I had to enter them two or three times before I got it right.



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The store locator also doesn't seem to be entirely accurate. Although our local Fort Campbell commissary moved locations more than a year ago, the app, which was released 12 hours before I used it, included the old address. That makes me worry that maybe other address are off, too. While you are probably thinking "yeah, but how often do you use the store locator anyway," consider this -- you only use it when you don't know where the commissary is ... and it wouldn't it be important then for the address to be right?






(The commissary at Fort Campbell is now located on Indiana Ave.)

Also, like I mentioned above, I was also hoping the app would double as my card. But no dice there.



And, finally, many patrons won't be able to use the app at all. At the moment it is only available to iPhone users.

Conclusion: Overall I appreciate the ease of use the app gives the rewards card. I'll definitely be using my rewards card more now that the app has been released. That being said, commissary officials probably need to look into making sure the information on it is accurate.

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