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The one thing we know for sure at SpouseBuzz is that no two military spouses are alike. We may all be married to someone in uniform, but we have very different ways about how we think about military life. We all have totally different strategies.

That’s why we love our jobs at SpouseBuzz. We are always learning new lessons from military spouses. We want to learn from you.

We are looking for some new bloggers to blog with us at SpouseBuzz. We are interested in people who just have one or two posts they want to write. We are interested in people who want to write regularly.

If you are a newbie, you ought to know that we are interested in your story no matter how old or young you are.  If you like, we can help you shape your story a bit so that your point is clear for our audience.

If you are already a blogger, you ought to know that we are part of Military.com, the biggest military website in the country. Your blog post has a chance to been seen by all of our ten million members.  Submit your story here.

No matter who you are, we find that our SpouseBuzz audience responds best when you follow some of our tips below to get the most views on your work.

Identify what everyone says -- then don't say that. So much has been written about military life already. To make yours the best, Google three articles on your topic. Identify the common points that they all say, then don't say those things.  instead, link to the most solid article and jump into your argument.

Give Me Your Nut Graph. When people used to write for newspapers, they used to refer to the third or fourth paragraph as the "nut" graph.  It contained the most important idea or "nut" of the piece.  For an online audience, the first paragraph is the nut graph. Lead with a startling statement and jump right in.

Pick only one point.  Although you probably have a dozen points to make about your topic, that is too many for our audience. Write a solid 600 words about your favorite point.  Be bold!

Return to high school. Give us that ‘I’ shaped framework they taught in high school. Remember? Thesis. Point 1. Point 2. Point 3. Conclusion. Hard to make this exciting, but if you lead with a title like Three Lies You Believe About XXX, you draw the audience in.

Plan more than one blog post. Expect that you will be allowed to write more than once on this topic. Plan to make one point today and another next month and a third the month after that.

Make a Top Ten List, an essay about a favorite quote, a story for Why Didn't You Tell Me? Every week we like to feature a top ten list about military life, a quote and a story from a first timer. Those are the easiest things to spark an idea.  Look at those features on our website and then write something you haven't seen before.

Make a goal to write something for us in the next seven days.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just has to be you.  Because you are the person who interests us most.  Start here!

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