Poll: Why Don't You Exercise?

The evidence is hard to argue with: exercise is good for you. Research shows it increases physical health and lifespan. It has some of the same affects on your brain as an antidepressants.  It also justifies the consumption of an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

So why is it so hard to peel yourself away from NCIS re-runs to make it happen?

I’ve gotten better at self-motivation over the years. Now I’m one of “those people.” You know, the ones who run for enjoyment, go kayaking as a vacation and register for races. Buying a gym membership was the very first thing I did when I moved to our current duty station.

I am writing this while wearing running shorts and a sports bra. I am an exerciser.

But our editor-in-chief Jacey tells me not everyone has reaches exercising utopia that easily. After 20+ years of exercising only the part of her brain that tells her she really ought to exercise, Jacey finally found an exercise she likes doing two or three times a week.

Since January she has been going to Jazzercise – an aerobic dance workout class I used to attend with my mom when I was a kid. I have vague memories of my mother moving, turning and clapping in neon teal leggings while I played with Duplo blocks on the floor. (Which makes me laugh when I think of Jacey in neon teal leggings).

Anyway, Jacey says she never feels like taking the time to exercise, but reminding herself that she is always glad she went gets her out the door and off to class. (I think using Jazzercise as an excuse to nip out of work early is also a major motivator.)

The whole thing got us to talking about why more military spouses -- and more Americans -- don't exercise. We are married to people who do PT every day. All the science-y-stuff points to it being not just the best thing for you, but the best thing for you during stressful military times like deployment and those long, long training and work days.

Still, getting out there and just doing it can be oh so hard. Why?  Take our poll to see the excuses we have used in the past (and sometimes use in the present), check out the results below and then tell us -- what is keeping you from exercise?




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