Top 10 Reasons Spouses Appreciate Military Life


It’s really easy to complain about military life. As MilSpouses, we’re alone a lot. We have to move all the time. We struggle to find jobs. We…

See, I just caught myself complaining.

But that’s not what this post is about. And that’s not what this month is about either. The month of May has been designated as National Military Appreciation Month, a time for the nation to recognize and appreciate our country’s Armed Forces. (MilSpouses are included in this month too as we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 10.)

So in honor of this month, let’s turn our focus to the positive side of military life, all those reasons why we can’t imagine living our lives any other way. To help us toss aside the negatives, we turned to our SpouseBuzz Facebook and Twitter fans, who shared why they appreciate military life. Here’s what they came up with:

1. Deployments. Wait, what? We appreciate deployments? That’s right. As Facebook fan Chris-Jennie Edwards reminded us, “They helped us realize how strong our marriage was and to not take each other for granted.”

2. Travel. That’s what fan Tabitha told us, and I couldn’t agree more. I never even owned a passport before my family PCS’ed OCONUS. Thanks to the military, I’ve traveled to parts of the world I never thought I’d see. Military life is definitely an adventure.

3. Traditions. The military is steeped in tradition. The first time I went to a military movie theater and joined everyone in standing for the National Anthem, I couldn’t help but get emotional. As Sharon said, “One of my favorite things is during the presentation of the colors. You can hear a pin drop no matter how big the crowd.”

4. Sense of Pride. Our friend Bianca loves “that I can wake up every day proud of who I married.” As MilSpouses, we feel a sense of pride in the service our loved ones provide to our country. We also appreciate seeing the pride our servicemembers feel toward what they do. Facebook fan Heather appreciates “the fact that my husband feels good about his job.” Monica appreciates “that my hero gets to do what he loves knowing his family supports him 100%.” And Liz appreciates, “being part of something much greater than myself.”

5. Benefits. We’re fortunate to have the benefits like health care, commissaries and discounts available to us as family members. Fan Manda said, “I also love how great the military has been with us when it comes to the great benefits. The health care being number one!”

6. Uniforms. There’s just something sexy about a uniform. Fan Liz said, “Uniform is easy on the eyes.” Marine wife Bianca reiterated this with two words: “Dress blues.”

7. Personal Growth. I don’t know about you, but I’m way more independent and flexible because of the lessons military life has taught me. Sharon told us, “I wouldn't be who I am today without my husband's sacrifices!”

8. Opportunities. The military opens a lot of doors for all sorts of unique opportunities for both servicemembers and their families. Besides the travel component, military life allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer (mostly by providing an endless stream of subject matter).   Chris-Jennie Edwards said, “The Marine Corps turned my husband's life around, and we couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities we have.”

9. Homecomings! (No explanation necessary.)

10. Friends. This is my personal #1 reason to appreciate military life, and from the looks of it, friendship tops a lot of other MilSpouses’ lists too. Facebook fan Lauren appreciates “meeting friends from all over the world that you wouldn't have met without this opportunity!” Michelle loves “all the friends we have across the world. No hotels needed when traveling.” Allison is grateful for, “The military family. We’re all connected.” And Twitter fan Mary stated it best when she responded, “I appreciate my friends. There is a solidarity of sisterhood based on shared experiences of military life; an enduring bond.”

Why do YOU appreciate military life?

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